Jazzart Dance Theatre, founded in 1973, is acknowledged as one of South Africa’s leading contemporary dance companies renowned both internationally and locally, as an award winning company that influences and preserves the sustainability of dance, choreography and dance performance. Dance is used as a transformation tool to integrate social awareness and cultural inclusiveness that embodies the nature of South Africa’s Bill of Rights.


Through training, performance and inter-disciplinary collaborations with diverse role-players we develop multi-skilled performers and create work that promote excellence, innovation and social change.


Training is offered in the Jazzart philosophy which is rooted in a social justice framework though a three-year full-time training programme for passionate and committed young adults.


We provide multi-disciplinary dance theatre training that builds creative and technical competencies as well as creates career pathways for youth.



Jazzart provides dance, performance, training and creative interventions through outreach, support and partnerships with community groups, schools and institutions across South Africa.


These interventions enable children and youth to express their creative passions. Education and training programmes in dance as performance, arts methodology, therapy and creativity are delivered in this programme.



Built on its history of transformative practice Jazzart continues to challenge dance status quo and social stereotypes. Jazzart provides a platform to develop contemporary dance skills, dialogue and performance excellence for professional dancers, performers and practitioners.


We strive to continue to contribute to our country’s arts and culture heritage and create and share our unique African stories on both local and international stages.