Performances in public spaces

Prince Albert Olive Festival: 1-2 May 2009 (Sydwell Williams Centre soccer field in Prince Albert)
Infecting the City: (Spier Contemporary Arts Festival): 21-27 February 2009
- Exile: Adderley Street Fountain (Cape Town)
- Amakwerekwere: Thibault Square (Cape Town)
V&A Waterfront: 28 February 2009
Canal Walk: 13-16 November 2008
CityScapes - collaboration with Siwela Sonke Dance Theatre, Thibault Square (Cape Town): 2007
In a bid to demystify contemporary dance, Jazzart presents performances in public spaces, going outside its conventional theatre setting and closer to the people.

No admission fees are charged and performances take place in easily accessible areas on transport routes, in shopping centres, malls, and in public squares, parks and recreational areas. For maximum exposure, performances are presented at rush hour and during lunch time and thus reach a significant number of people from all sectors of society. While relatively inexpensive to mount, the drawback is that income cannot be generated directly through this initiative.

At the Prince Albert Olive Festival, Jazzart coordinated and taught a workshop programme in dance, rhythm and the making of lanterns and large-scale sculptures to youngsters from five to 25 years old. This culminated in a procession from the middle of the town of Prince Albert to the soccer field, and a performance in a public space including all the children and Jazzart dancers.