Last Dance

A programme of short works, including award-winning and new works

2000/2001 - FNB Vita Award: Special Award for the Outstanding Season of Last Dance

The Nico Arena, Cape Town: 19 December 2000 to 13 January 2001

This marks the end of another era for Jazzart Dance Theatre; a time for renewal and reinvention. Bolero was renamed Last Dance for this season as it was not expected to be performed again.

Last Dance bade farewell to three of the foremost members of the company: Sbonakaliso Ndaba, Sifiso Kweyama and Ondine Bello. The piece was performed as a tribute to them, as they had played an integral part in shaping it. It was less emotive than Bolero had been as Alfred's intention was to celebrate life and reminisce rather than deal with issues at the heart of the nation.

It was an all-female performance, and therefore very sensual. Chiffon skirts were worn to contrast with the strong images portrayed by the gumboots and leather tops.

Other pieces in the programme included the highly entertaining Whathefaa?, a new piece Speak Low, commissioned by the FNB Dance Umbrella 2000, Water from an Ancient Well by John Linden and a swan song for Sbonakaliso and Ondine, a rework of Geli Schubert's Just Men Moving.